tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Footballer lookalikes!

 This will mostly be Manchester United players but not only. These are my personal favorites:

          Jordan Henderson?                                                Cam Gigandet?

         Michael Owen?                                              Jason Manford?


                Dimitar Berbatov?                                           Andy Garcia?


                Luke Chadwick?                                          Sid from Ice Age?


              Bruno Mars                                                     Chicharito?


               Robert Ri'Chard?                                      Patrice Evra?

   Rafael da Silva?                                 Micah from Heroes?

måndag 26 september 2011

Monday Twitter buzz

These are the most interesting/popular topics I've seen MUFC fans discuss so far during the day:

Van Persie to leave Arsenal?
Van Persie is a leader in Arsenal today and losing him would take their crisis to another level. I understand why/if he want's to leave but I don't think he has made up his mind yet and Wenger probably have until the end of the season to show RVP why he should stay.

Tweet of the day: @munu71 "R. Van Persie now stalling new contract? Seems to me Nasri cancer has spread at the Emirates! Poor Wenger! What he gonna do if VP leave too?"

Torres just can't get it right!
Torres is no longer out of shape, nor has he been unlucky. He is simply under a lot of pressure and to weak mentally to rise to the challenge. He can turn it around, but perhaps luck is just what he'll need?

Tweet of the day: @CraigNorwood "Last weekend Torres scored then made a mistake, this week is no different as he scores & then gets sent off....."

Who will start upfront for United?
Berbatov didn't play well against Stoke and some fans seems to fancy Welbeck/Owen, Welbeck/Macheda or Owen/Diouf upfront for the Basel-game. One thing that would suggest another start for Berba is that Fergie values experience when it comes to the Champions League. I think Berba deserves another chance!

Tweet of the day: @MUFC_89 "Hmm I love Berba but think he went missing at Stoke Saturday, so might give Welbeck a shot!"

What do you think?
Let me know! Twitter: bwin_Josef

tisdag 20 september 2011

Paul Pogba

Manchester United play Leeds in the League Cup tonight and one of our most promising youngsters will most likely make his first team debut. This talent goes by the name of Paul Pogba.

Paul Pogba:

Paul was born on March 15th 1993, in a French town called Lagny Sur Marne. He played at Le Havre growing up and finally signed for Manchester United in 2009 after some contract controversies. He made his debut 2010 in a U18 game versus Crewe Alexandria but up until that point in his career he had also played his way through every French national youth team and was in fact captain for the U16’s. Paul has great physique, technique, vision and finishing, which makes him perfect as a box-to-box midfielder. Here are some of his best moments in the United-shirt so far:

The latest buzz:
We should definitely not forget that the game tonight is big in itself, because we all hate Leeds scum. But a lot of people, including myself are also looking forward to this game because of Pogba.

Michael Carrick: "Paul is a huge talent. If he goes about things in the right way he is going to have a bright future."

Paddy Crerand (Twitter: @PatCrerand): “Looking forward to United’s trip to Leeds tonight. Best of luck to young Paul Pogba!”

John de Loos (Twitter: @dilynux): With all the hype surrounding Paul Pogba, I really hope he can live up to some people's expectations around here....

Steve Williams (Twitter: @SteveP_MUFC): “and on the 7th day, God created Paul Pogba's hype.

Ross Snowdon (Twitter: @kluff09): “Can't wait to watch Paul Pogba make his #MUFC debut tonight. He is going to be a top top player. #fact

There are also a lot of buzz saying that Burnley boss Eddie Howe wants to take in Pogba on a 6 month loan deal. However Sir Alex has said that he intends to keep Pogba at United for this season and if he is mature enough possibly put him out on loan next season.

I think Pogba might be good enough for the first team next season. Not as a regular starter but as a regular substitute. What do you think?

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måndag 19 september 2011

Manchester United beat Chelsea in epic game!

What a crazy game we had yesterday?!?!

De Gea was great, no doubt. Perhaps more people start realizing that he is here to stay now.
Best player on the pitch along with Nani and Jones in my opinion.
United was sloppy in possession and should have been punished for it in the first half. Ramires definitely should have done better from the pass by Torres, although the footwork by De Gea to get in position for the save was great! The goal from Smalling was clearly offside but none the less the young lad showed great composure to put the ball in the net. 

Nani also looked suspiciously offside as Evans crossed the ball to set him up for what was the goal of the week. Did you se Sir Alex's face when Nani scored?! Almost a Cantona-like reaction, love it!

Nani is great and could become one of the best players in the world. He has got skills that only a few players in the world can match. He can shoot with both feet and his physique is great. His decision-making is now what will determine how far he can go. I think he'll continue to develop as he gets older and more mature. Interesting stats, but keep in mind that Ronaldo was only 21 at the time while Nani is 25.
Another talking point was of course Torres´miss. It was way, way worse than Berbatov's and Rooney's misses in my opinion. Wayne slipped and it wasn't his fault at all. Berba's finish was not good and it was a pretty bad miss but still far from Fernando's. However I think Torres was one of the best players for Chelsea. He was a threat all game and had he scored his second the headlines would have been so much different. Of course he deserves to recieve criticism for that poor finish but it would be wrong to ignore his lovely finish when making it 1-3. 

Wayne actually smiled for the blink of an eye as he saw the ball go wide. Proof of his great confidece. Exactly what Torres is lacking and exactly what made us win the game!

torsdag 15 september 2011

The Carrick debate

After last night's game against Benfica in the Champions League a lot of people were arguing (and still are) about the quality of Michael Carrick. Here is one of the conversations I noticed (keep in mind it's not the entire conversation). Read from the bottom:

In my opinion he is a good defensive midfielder, but he lacks consistency. I don't demand any attacking play from him and I am fine if he plays great defensively and keeps a good passing rate. However, I'd like to see him as the only defensive midfielder on the pitch - same role as Busquets at Barcelona. Playing him with Park and Fletcher will greate a lack of creativity in midfield and that will mean more defending, which often means more preassure and more mistakes. But keep in mind - many of the argument against him is that even as a defending midfielder - he is playing poorly. What do you think?
Let me know!
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Purpose of this blog

This is my first of many posts in this blog. My goal with this blog is to share interesting conversations, news and other stuff related to Manchester United or football in general. I will use Twitter as the primary resource for content. Every once in a while I'll share my own thoughts and opinions as well - 'cause I've plenty when it comes to MUFC!