torsdag 15 september 2011

The Carrick debate

After last night's game against Benfica in the Champions League a lot of people were arguing (and still are) about the quality of Michael Carrick. Here is one of the conversations I noticed (keep in mind it's not the entire conversation). Read from the bottom:

In my opinion he is a good defensive midfielder, but he lacks consistency. I don't demand any attacking play from him and I am fine if he plays great defensively and keeps a good passing rate. However, I'd like to see him as the only defensive midfielder on the pitch - same role as Busquets at Barcelona. Playing him with Park and Fletcher will greate a lack of creativity in midfield and that will mean more defending, which often means more preassure and more mistakes. But keep in mind - many of the argument against him is that even as a defending midfielder - he is playing poorly. What do you think?
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